Forensic Accounting Services

We deliver each of our services through a team of financial professionals who adhere to the highest standards of our industry. And when you become a DMJ client, everyone on our team works for you.

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Forensic Accounting Services

We deliver each of our services through a team of financial professionals who adhere to the highest standards of our industry. And when you become a DMJ client, everyone on our team works for you.

Fraud Detection and Prevention Services

Investigative Auditing

Our professionals specialize in investigative auditing and share years of experience in detecting and quantifying instances of fraud. We can rebuild financial record-keeping systems that have been compromised. Our talents and experience in fraud detection and prevention enable us to locate hidden assets and maximize your recoveries when you find yourself a victim of fraud.

Internal Control Reviews

As CPAs and fraud examiners, DMJ understands risk management and the importance of checks and balances. We can help evaluate and improve the existing controls safeguarding your business, or design a more effective system.

What should you do if you suspect fraud?

  • Call a certified professional immediately. Not all CPA firms specialize in fraud detection, but DMJ does. A consultation will help your organization determine the proper course of action.
  • When a fraud is suspected, organizations must proceed quickly, but carefully. A haphazard approach could be more detrimental than taking no action at all. Your best chance of recovery is maximized by employing qualified professionals at the beginning.
  • Exercise patience and discretion. Premature discussions with an employee or co-conspirator may result in losing opportunities to obtain information and valuable documentation that can be used to substantiate the fraud. An experienced fraud examiner and CPA firm can help counsel you through the process.

How can we help you recover assets and proceed against those responsible?

  • As skilled forensic accountants, we specialize in locating hidden assets. We will follow the “trail of money” and provide an accounting of the transactions that affect your organization. DMJ will work with your attorneys or law enforcement to assist in the identification and recovery of your assets.
  • Whether your situation becomes a civil or criminal matter, we have experience assisting our clients through this process.
  • If your case is headed to litigation, our firm is familiar with the process and of the work product that is required. DMJ will work closely with other members of your team, including legal counsel. Our professionals have testimonial experience and have acted as expert witnesses in various court venues.
  • If your organization is protected by insurance and a claim is possible, DMJ is familiar with the documentation and substantiation required to collect from your insurance company and will guide you through the steps involved.

What is the process once fraud is detected?

Proceeding with a financial investigation is no small matter. If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, chances are that you are right. Over one-third of all frauds in companies are detected accidentally or by your own intuition, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

  • DMJ will conduct an initial consultation to determine what has happened and your objectives. We will determine what course of action is right for you, whether it be full restitution and prosecution or termination.
  • DMJ will allow you to remain focused on your business and safeguard your systems from future occurrences. We will reconstruct financial records, assist with recovering assets and potential insurance claims, and draft documentation for criminal or civil proceedings.

How can fraud be prevented?

The most cost-effective way to deal with fraud is to prevent it. Typical organizations lose 5 percent of their annual revenues to fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

  • A review of your organization’s system of internal controls and by performing specialized examination of specific risk areas, DMJ will locate vulnerable areas and identify weakness. DMJ will lend its experience to bolster your organization’s defenses and safeguard them from being exploited.
  • DMJ will perform an internal controls review that will not only protect the organization, but identify best practices. We will offer suggestions to increase effectiveness and efficiency of operations for greater performance levels.
  • DMJ is also familiar with fraud prevention practices including background verifications, establishing fraud hotlines and safeguarding your information technology systems.


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