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If you’re looking for financial and tax services in Wilmington, NC, DMJ & Co., PLLC provides experienced and local accountants, financial advisors, tax consultants, and much more. DMJ offers tailored, personalized services for individuals and businesses of every size across the coastal Cape Fear and neighboring communities. Whether you’re a large established company or a non-profit organization, contact DMJ to serve as your CPA in Wilmington, NC and enjoy the highest standard of care from a firm that understands exactly what you need.

Trusted Accountants in Wilmington, NC

We’re more than just a CPA firm in Wilmington, NC — DMJ is a primary resource for all things finance. Explore services relating to Accounting and Auditing, Tax, Succession Planning, Strategic Financial & Outsourced Accounting, Fraud Detection & Prevention, and Technology Consulting. Not sure exactly which combination of services you need? Reach out to us today for a consultation.

DMJ & Co., PLLC has financial expertise in so many industries that we can fulfill a role as an advisor in nearly any capacity. If you have questions regarding any of our services, we make it easy to contact us using the details below.

For general information, please email, or you can search our firm directory to find a CPA who can serve you.

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