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DMJ CPAs and advisors understand your industry, business, and financial goals.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Boasting an outstanding east coast location, North Carolina has long been known as a manufacturing epicenter spurring regional economic growth. The state boasts two deep sea ports, a healthy infrastructure, education and training partnerships, trucking and transportation hubs, and a business-friendly manufacturing environment.

Those in the industry understand that challenges often include global competition, constant demand for process improvements, and industry regulations. Successful companies recognize the need to analyze data and make informed decisions.

About Us

DMJ’s team of accountants and advisors provide industry insight and experience to the manufacturing industry with financial, tax, and business practices that help to establish long term success. DMJ professionals appreciate the concerns that clients in manufacturing are facing and can help address critical issues.

Proper business planning is important, as is the need to monitor any difficulties that may arise if the right strategies are not established. By partnering with DMJ, you will have the opportunity to streamline your process and establish a strong accounting foundation.

Perhaps no other industry than manufacturing is more aware of today’s global economy. DMJ also provides international tax consulting to those who currently work in or are considering the global market. Proper tax planning can structure your international affairs for maximum tax efficiency and play a critical role in the success.

What We Do
  • Tax Planning, Preparation, and Compliance
  • International Tax Consulting
  • State and Federal R&D Tax Credits
  • Inventory Costing
  • Section 263A Adoption and Compliance
  • Domestic Activities Production Deduction
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

DMJ clients depend upon our reputation for efficiency, attention to detail, and professional service. Strong, long-lasting relationships between our staff and clients are an important part of the way we do business.