October 2019

The October newsletter includes articles on why Schedule C Form 1040 filers should beware of the IRS and what your options are for setting up a business. It also includes market updates and firm news.

August 2019

The August newsletter has articles on Donating a Used Car to Charity, Election to Deduct or Amortize Start-up and Organization Expenses, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit Against Payroll Tax for Tax-exempt Employers. Also included is a Wealth Advisors Market Update, DMJ...

July 2019

The July newsletter has articles on Depreciation of Passenger Autos, Key IRA Planning Concepts, Types of Stock Losses, and Mid-Year Tax Planning. Also included is a Wealth Advisors Market Update, DMJ News & Notes, Upcoming Events, and Other Announcements.

June 2019

The June newsletter has featured articles: “Meals and Entertainment Business Deductions Under TCJA,” “The Marriage Penalty,” and “When Married Couples Should File Separate Returns.” You will also find market and event updates, DMJ...