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No matter which of our accounting services you may wish to pursue, our promise to you is personal attention and verifiable results.

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About Us



No matter which of our accounting services you may wish to pursue, our promise to you is personal attention and verifiable results.

About DMJ & Co., PLLC

How we work is just as important as what we do. Our promise to you is personal attention and verifiable results.

Personal attention refers to how we put the spotlight on you and your goals. It assures constant communication between our team and your representatives. And it guarantees your involvement in and approval of each financial solution we provide.

Verifiable results means that the attention you enjoy isn’t just for show. Our success as a firm depends on our ability to continually prove our worth with wealth generation, tax savings, timely reports, innovative ideas, and measurable value. These are the tangible results that set us apart on a daily basis.

In 1949, P.E. Davenport opened the doors to a small two-person accounting firm in Greensboro, North Carolina. Today, DMJ & Co., PLLC is one of the largest independent certified public accounting and business consulting firms in the region and has grown to include offices in Sanford, Durham, and Wilmington.

Our Values

  • We value people, including our DMJ & Co., PLLC firm members, their families, and our clients.
  • We value performance that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients and sets us apart from the competition.
  • We take pride in the success of DMJ & Co., PLLC, which is made possible by the people who work here, the performance we deliver, and the continuing trust placed in us by our clients.

How DMJ Stands Apart

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The Timeline of DMJ & Co., PLLC

1949 On November 1, 1949 the firm was organized in Greensboro, North Carolina by P.E. Davenport.
1952 O.F. Marvin became a partner with the firm and the firm’s name was changed to Davenport & Marvin. The name was later changed to Davenport, Marvin, & Caudle, and then to Davenport, Marvin, Caudle & Company.
1978 The name of Davenport, Marvin, Joyce & Co. was adopted.
1983 P.E. Davenport and O.F. Marvin retired in October 1983. Mr. Davenport served as managing partner until he retired. Steve A. Joyce assumed the role of managing partner following Mr. Davenport’s retirement.
1989 DMJ joins CPAmerica International, one of the world’s largest associations of independent CPA and consulting firms.
1990 DMJ merges with a practice in Sanford, North Carolina. The office later relocates to its current location on West Main Street.
1997 Michael R. Gillis is named the firm’s managing partner, only the third in DMJ history.
2000 A business opportunity leads to the creation of DMJ Wealth Advisors, LLC.
2002 DMJ Healthcare Consulting was created, providing a range of planning and advisory services for medical and physician groups.
2008 DMJ relocates to a newly constructed building in Green Valley Office Park.
2014 The name of DMJ & Co., PLLC was adopted.
2016 DMJ acquires a practice in Durham, North Carolina, expanding services to the Triangle region.
2019 DMJ acquires a practice in Wilmington, North Carolina, expanding services to the Coastal Cape Fear region.

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