We are CPAs and Accountants proudly serving NC and other regions.

DMJ is headquartered in Greensboro, NC and has offices in Durham and Sanford, NC.

DMJ is Growing! Hutchings & Hutchings CPAs, PA will become DMJ & Co., PLLC - Effective November 1, 2016

Money and finances are very personal subjects. DMJ's CPAs and accountants believe that when you entrust us with any part of your financial planning, tax preparation or reporting, we never forget who’s in the driver’s seat: You.

We'll share with you our experience, strategies, opinions and preferences. But since our mission at DMJ is to help you reach your goals, we'll make YOU the center of attention. We'll ask questions and listen closely to your answers. We'll value your input and respect your decisions. And working together, we'll arrive at a financial solution for you or your business based on performance, potential and personal objectives.

DMJ CPAs and Accountants specialize in the following services for the Greensboro, NC; Sanford, NC; Durham, NC; the Triad and the Triangle area:

  DMJ & Co., PLLC
Greensboro, NC • 336.275.9886
Sanford, NC • 919.774.4535
Durham, NC • 919.489.3393

DMJ Wealth Advisors, LLC
Greensboro, NC • 336.275.9886
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